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  • Dr. Haritha Tirupathi
  • Sheri Scott
  • Kerian Villia
  • Katrinia Drumgo

Dr.Haritha Tirupathi

Let me welcome you to our friendly dental practice in San Ramon, CA.

My name is Dr. Haritha Tirupathi, everyone likes to call me Dr.T. I graduated from the University of Gulbarga, ( INDIA ) as one of the top graduates, and I have been practicing dentistry in the California for the last 10 years.

Over the years, I have been fortunate to know many patients and treat their dental needs. I greatly enjoy knowing my patients and treating them as if they were family or friends. I care deeply for their concerns, and provide them with the care that is right for them.

Safety of my patients is one of my top priorities. One of the measures I have taken is utilizing a digital imaging system which allows us to reduce the exposure to dental x-rays by one third.

Want to know more about me? I’m a very energetic, positive and friendly person. I enjoy road trips to national parks, traveling overseas, spending time with my family, and did I mention shopping?

I have the most caring and service oriented staff who has been working with me for many years. For those apprehensive patients, my staff and I go the extra mile to make sure they feel comfortable and that their visit is a positive experience while receiving quality dental care. I am experienced in the full range of dental procedures, and by taking many advanced continuing education courses I remain skilled in all aspects of the latest technology.